Corporate Client Services

Key Man Insurance (back)

The unexpected death or disablement of a key employee or director can be extremely costly to a company. There is the cost of recruiting a replacement, as well as the cost of lost contracts or business due to the absence of that person. Regency can help companies assess the cost of losing such an important individual and then assist with the installation of an appropriate key man insurance package to cover this eventuality.

Commercial Loans (back)

The world of commercial lending is complex, competitive and lending sources change. Each loan is very much an individual package. Regency have an excellent track record in this specialist field and are happy to arrange an individual consultation to discuss particular requirements.

Employee Benefit Schemes (back)

Designing appropriate employee benefit schemes to meet the needs of international companies is an exacting and specialist task. Issues as diverse as local taxation, life assurance content, medical and hospital cover, funding levels and currency denomination can all enter the equation.

In today's competitive market the quality of a company's benefit scheme is becoming increasingly significant in attracting, and more importantly retaining, the best personnel.

Regency has the expertise to build a package to meet particular needs and can provide ongoing consultation to ensure that as a company grows the scheme stays on target.

Offshore Companies and Trusts (back)

Once available only to the most wealthy, offshore companies and trusts now offer considerable benefits to a wide range of investors.

The following benefits can all be obtained:

  • Reduction in Income Tax
  • Elimination or reduction in Capital Gains Tax
  • Elimination or reduction in Inheritance Tax
  • Confidentiality of ownership of assets
  • Protection of assets from predators
  • Stability of ownership

The types of structure that can be employed are as varied as the situations in which clients find themselves. The perfect solution may be a combination of one or more of the following:

  • Personal Investment Holding Company
  • Consultancy Company
  • Property Holding Company
  • Licensing Company
  • Offshore Trading Company
  • Offshore Trust

We have considerable experience in the creation and management of all these types of offshore arrangements.

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