Personal Client Services

Regular Savings (back)

Probably the most effective way of building up capital is by saving money on a regular basis.

A variety of different tailor-made schemes is available, administered from such jurisdictions as the Channel Islands, Bermuda, Luxembourg, the Cayman Islands or Dublin to name a few. These offer excellent growth potential as well as investor security, confidentiality and often significant tax savings. It is possible to have a very high degree of flexibility and access a wide range of investments, usually with free switching facilities, enabling the client to adjust contribution levels and investment strategy as required.

Our consultants will advise on the structure of these schemes and will discuss those which are suited to the clients' personal financial requirements.

Accumulated Capital (back)

The opportunities that are available when investing capital are too numerous to list here, but recommendations based on individual requirements will be prepared for our clients' consideration. We deal only with reputable investment companies and utilise programmes that are usually readily realised at current market rates. These can be checked daily in the Financial Times, South China Morning Post, Karleej Times, The Wall Street Journal and a number of other financial publications.

Retirement Planning (back)

For a variety of reasons it is common for the international executive to have disjointed and inadequate retirement provision. Due to employment mobility, many are likely to have deferred or frozen pension entitlements from previous employment.

In many cases the opportunity exists to have these funds transferred to a personally owned retirement scheme giving greater control over the investment and benefits.

The nature of international employment means that an individual's retirement arrangements must be comprehensive and yet portable and flexible. This cannot be achieved without forethought and planning.

The importance of retirement provision cannot be over-emphasised. Regency regards sound and appropriate retirement provision as a fundamental component of financial planning and will work with clients to structure arrangements accordingly.

Mortgages (back)

The mortgage market is wide and complex, particularly when viewed internationally. The most efficient solution will vary from client to client and will be dictated by considerations such as interest rates, currency of income, tax efficiency and the need for flexibility. Loans are available which can be denominated in any one of a large number of international currencies and can include currency switching options. The borrower can take advantage of favourable movements in exchange and interest rates. This gives the potential to reduce the capital debt, in terms of the client's base currency or to reduce the interest payments.

Regency is able to advise clients on the most appropriate scheme and can provide monitoring of performance.

Insurance (back)

The reasons why a person needs insurance protection will vary. Regency is happy to advise on appropriate insurance to safeguard the family against loss of income due to untimely death, illness or accident.

We are also able to advise on suitable medical insurance schemes.

School Fees (back)

Many parents would prefer to have their children educated at fee-paying schools and later at college or university, unfortunately funding becomes more of a problem as the cost of private and higher education continues to increase.

The answer lies in prior planning linked to professional financial advice. Regency can help select the programme most suited to a client's situation. Such programmes can incorporate life assurance to provide for the children's education in the event of an untimely death. These plans considerably reduce the overall cost of funding children's education.

Tax Planning (back)

Not having access to good quality tax planning advice can often erode the benefits of sound investment. Thus, sheltering investments from exposure to future tax liabilities, where possible, is a cornerstone of quality financial planning.

Regency works closely with clients to build an accurate understanding of their present and future needs in order to provide advice to maximise investment return in their future tax jurisdiction.

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