The initial meeting

The purpose of the initial meeting is to carry out a preliminary review of the client's present financial position. This will establish clearly what the savings objectives are and quantify the amount of capital or disposable income available for investment purposes. Regency will then examine any existing investments and make recommendations for any adjustments considered necessary to make sure that the investment is on target to meet the client's goals.

The meeting can be held at our offices, the client's office, or alternatively at a neutral venue. Any information disclosed will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Regular Reviews

It is important to review regularly the performance of any investments and to take account of any changes in the client's personal circumstances. The client will be visited periodically by the consultant handling their portfolio to discuss in person the progress of any investments. Clients are provided with details of any market opportunities, changes are recommended as appropriate and restructuring of investment portfolios is carried out as necessary.

A comprehensive statement of all lump sum investments is sent out every quarter and more frequent updates are available on request. Regency Asset Management Ltd is committed to providing the continuity of service that is so necessary for the efficient management of financial affairs.


Regency Asset Management Ltd earns standard brokerage fees for the introduction of business to various investment management, banking and insurance companies. There will be no additional charges to clients in those circumstances as our commission represents part of the spread which is within the investment.

For the management of portfolio bonds on a discretionary basis there will be a charge of one per cent per annum of the value of the portfolio.

Where specialised accountancy or legal advice is sought, fees will be negotiated with the client in advance.

Whilst every effort will be made to ensure consistent appreciation of your capital, it should be borne in mind that markets and consequently the value of investments can fall as well as they can rise.

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